What it Does!

  • Social sharing statistics in popular social networks
    This plugin features most popular social network site as shown in picture.

  • Daily/weekly/monthly statistical data
    We know how important it is to know the statistics of posts being shared daily, weekly and monthly basis in a variety of graphical representation which can lead to a valuable conclusion.


  • Multiple graphical view of social stats
    Pro Social Analysis can display the obtained data in a multiple view whether its a bar graph or a line graph or a point graph in multiple color.

graph view

  • Social Sharing stat per post
    Pro social Analysis does not only provide the overall statistics but per post as well. Per post analysis of its being socially shared daily/weekly/monthly.

per post

One Click Stat View

If you are admin of the page, you ca easily check the social sharing stat of the post that you are seeing by clicking on the "View Social Trends" which is at the top of the page.

view social trends

Close Social Trends

- Top shared post of all time over various Social networks
  You can also view the top post of all time thats shared in each listed social networks in a bar graph.

- Top Posts Share
  One can easily see which is the most shared post in all listed social networks