Pro Social Bar (with navigation)

Pro Social Bar (with Navigation) is a very easy to use multifunctional WordPress plugin which can be used in a numerous ways in your wordpress website. Highly flexibility in customization takes this plugin to another level of sharing and displaying messages in the bar. Creativity of user is the limit of utilizing the power of this social bar.

View Demo OR Download PSB Themes  Where you will find lots of themes for your Pro Social Bar .

- Light weight plugin
- Easy to setup
- Clean and powerful backend design and function
- Responsive to various screen size
- 1 click Import/Export settings
- Custom themes available for quick go
- Highly Customizable
- Supported on all 4 side (Top, bottom, left and right)
- Top Social platforms available for sharing posts
- Custom message field available for multiple purpose
- html/CSS properties supported
- Drag and drop function for arranging the position of Social icons
- RSS feed available
- Section for Logo of website
- Next, Previous and random post navigation buttons
- Custom next, previous & random button supported
- Shortcodes Supported
- Google Adsense supported
- Google fonts supported

Styling option
- Custom color for texts
- Adjustable height and width of bar
- Show/hide logo on the bar
- Unlimited background color
- Background transparency value
- Custom background picture
- Unlimited border color
- Unlimited shadow color
- Show/hide social share/like count
- Option to show/hide individual social share icons
- Options to customize the bar to appear and hide from particular area (homepage, blog, category, tags)
- Option to choose effects for bar to appear
- Option to set position and appearance timer of bar
- Customizable font type, size and color
- Customizable Social Icons
- Customizable Social Icons